About This Project

Hi! I’m Lynn Gergens and I’m the editor for this devotion project. Some years ago Lutheran Women’s Missionary League-Canada (LWMLC) asked me to write a devotion booklet for high school graduates. It was a fairly tiny project and once completed I forgot about it. They contacted me this past February to ask if I would re-do or update or start over again to produce a booklet of devotions for high school graduates. I decided to make it a project for my young adults group - and it went from being a booklet to becoming a website - a digital project that will have a small print component.

As I started to pray about and discuss with my students what they would like to read I kept coming to a common answer  - we all need grace - lots and lots of grace. None of us seems to understand it even though we may hear it weekly. Or we don't believe it if we’ve heard it. And I see glimpses of grace. And so what I wanted to give to you is glimpses of grace that you can hang onto when life gets complicated, and tough and incomprehensible. I want to give you all the hope and love and confidence that is found in God's grace.

As I thought about how I could best do this, I thought about how many other gifted people I know who could give you different glimpses of grace - people who have important things to share with you. And so I want to introduce you to some of my friends who use their gifts to God's glory - and who have something to say about grace. As we prayed and wrote and thought about God’s grace we were blessed - we all join together to pray that you will be blessed by our thoughts about God’s amazing grace!!

I am grateful to many people who contributed and helped with this project. You can see a full list, and contact them, on this page.

It's standard in projects like this to have a write-up about the author - and I really don’t like to write things about myself - and so I’ve asked one of my students (Stephanie) to introduce me -  I actually asked her to answer this question: So, why would you listen to Lynn about anything anyway? Here is her answer:

Lynn Gergens has been the Youth and Family Ministry Director at Walnut Grove Lutheran Church – my home congregation – since 1998. From teaching confirmation and coordinating our youth groups to organizing and leading groups on mission trips, Lynn has been active in spreading the Gospel to people both abroad and in our own backyard.

Lynn has been instrumental in shaping me to be the person I am today. As a self-professed “drama queen,” I have had many mini-crises in my short 21 years of life. As they have arisen during my relationship with Lynn, she has always been someone I can run to for both comfort and counsel. She is truly a Spirit-filled woman; always able to speak godly advice to guide me and of the assurance of grace in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus, regardless of what struggles I bring to the table.

Lynn is a definite role model for me; I have told her before that I want to be like her when I grow up. There are few people I have seen who truly live out their faith with the initiative and intentionality that Lynn has demonstrated to me in the years I have known her. I have seen her in many facets, in many different places and roles - counsellor, conflict mediator, teacher of the faith, and dear friend - and in all of these different settings one thing has remained constant: her devotion to the Lord and desire to live the way that honours Him.

Lynn has the sort of honest candor young people need to hear when being spoken to about their spiritual lives. Her words are convicting, full of the Holy Spirit, yet drenched in love; never used to condemn, but to correct, train and shepherd in Christ-like love.

I was absolutely thrilled to hear that Lynn was writing a set of devotionals to give to high school graduates. What an incredible opportunity for today’s youth to have this woman of God share her biblical knowledge and wisdom, and the real-life application of that knowledge! My prayer is that you, as the reader, will be encouraged through the meditations contained in this book and on the website, and that the Lord will bless you through Lynn as much as I have been blessed!

God’s peace,
Stephanie Roller