I am grateful to many people who contributed and helped with this project. For most of the people listed below, I will let you get to know them by reading what they wrote. If you would like to get in touch with the authors I’ve included their email addresses and web sites if they have one.

We have included several authors who I do not know personally but who have written something I thought had value for you. These authors are cited and acknowledged and have given permission to use their work.

- Lynn

Firstly, I want to introduce you to, and thank, my three student editors. They made suggestions for topics and got excited about the possibilities of the project.

Youth Editor

Divya Daniel's picture
Divya Daniel  

Divya is a young adult leader from Faith Lutheran Church in Surrey. She graduated from high school in 2007. Divya is involved in the youth ministry program, Sunday school, and as a worship leader. Divya participates in Walnut Grove’s leadership program.

Divya is working as a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse). She serves as a student nurse on her way to becoming a Registered Nurse. Divya’s hobbies are music, biking, reading and art.

Some interesting facts about Divya:

  • She is the oldest sibling of two younger brothers
  • She loves children - and they love her! 
  • She is compassionate - makes people feel loved
  • She is Melissa’s “mom” away from mom
  • Divya is constantly being teased about her height (or rather her lack of height)
  • She enjoys beating Logan up

She is a good listener, very caring, and puts her faith into action.

Melissa Gower's picture
Melissa Gower  

Melissa is a young adult at Walnut Grove Lutheran Church, Langley, B.C. She graduated from high school in 2011. She is involved in the young adult discipleship class, is a small group mentor to the confirmation students and is a Sunday school teacher. Melissa is taking a year off  before she heads to university to train to become an elementary school teacher. She enjoys judo, baking and loves adventures--especially getting lost in dark forests!

Some interesting facts about Melissa:

  • She always has funny stories to tell
  • She is Divya’s baby
  • She is the oldest of five siblings (and plays the funniest jokes on her younger brothers)
  • She loves children
  • She is passionate about her faith and puts her faith into action in all situations
  • She has the ability to make people comfortable
  • She is really strong.
Logan Paulgaard's picture
Logan Paulgaard  

Logan is enrolled at Trinity Western University studying corporate communications. He loves photography, running and reading.

Some interesting facts about Logan:

  • Logan always wants to go deeper
  • He likes in-car dancing
  • He loves his family -  he has two older brothers and four younger siblings.
  • He’s a fun guy - very welcoming - a social butterfly
  • He gets along with everyone
  • He is passionate about the things he cares about
  • Has strong morals which he lives by
  • Has a heart for helping people - is compassionate

General Editor

Marion Hollinger  

Computer Genius and Devotion Contributor

Michael Schutz    

Michael gave us the idea for the online site, and got involved by agreeing to manage the online site. He also contributed some great devotions.

Dear Grace Contributors

Shelley Brown  

As Dear Grace, Shelley answered questions and contributed some poetry.

Denise Roller  

Denise was Dear Grace in encouragement notes and who also contributed some poetry.

Devotion Contributors

Daryl Becker  

Daryl provided several devotions on reconciliation.

Linda Boehm  

Linda describes a Prayer Web for us.

Lynn Gergens  
Harry Haberstock  

Psalms of Ascent

Marion Hollinger  
Craig Tufts    

Craig provided several devotions on leadership and sharing your faith

Music and Devotion Contributors

Gary Brucker  
Michael Gillingham  
Jennifer Jade Kerr  

Jennifer’s music is available through or iTunes.

David Lieffertz  
Sarah Wemyss  

Photo Blog Contributor

Keith Galick