Dear Grace...

School has been pretty miserable for me since my teacher discovered I was a Christian. I don’t know how to handle it.


Dear Jimmy,

So your teacher found out you are a Christian and did not applaud, maybe even laughed. I’m not laughing.

Persecution is real. (Matthew 5: 11-12)

Jesus said we should expect rough treatment as believers and not be surprised or alarmed. But we can stand firm and talk to our mentor/youth leader.

It is not unusual for people not to understand our faith, our Lord or our salvation. There are endless misunderstandings that can happen.

It can be very sad or even embarrassing, but often people don’t realize they are being rude; they just repeat what others have said, or what they think is funny without thinking things through. I can just remind you to talk to the Lord about it. He faced it too and far worse. Few of us will ever be whipped or beaten badly for our faith in North America.

God’s tender heart of love will understand your pain.

Then do as He did. Forgive.

Then go on loving.