Dear Grace...

My parents always seem to be on my case? I can’t seem to do anything right. Help!


Dear Markus

Yes, I know at times it seems that either we or our parents are trying to upset each other. It goes both ways though most of us don’t realize we can upset others as much as they upset us!

Remember that your parents have a task from God to raise you wisely. That’s terrifying! (would you like to stand before God for how you treat your sister/brother?) So, when your parents seem to freak out about your choices, your attitudes, your words, it is because “how you grow up” is passionately important to them!

Do you ever lose your temper? (them, too…)

I think the best response is to recall God’s goal for you to love and honour them – as God’s “agents” to love and guide you. Make their job easy by looking for ways to help without being asked. Try that for a month and see if the tone of conversations begins to change and things seem easier!

Remember, you have been loved without conditions by our Father. Why not share some of that with them, too?

Love Grace