Dear Grace...

Life is so confusing. Some of my friends are pretty, some are very smart and some have tremendous athletic ability. But is that what really counts? I hear one thing at youth group and another at school. What’s really important?


Beauty. Brains. Athletic ability.

These are things the world values. God values honesty, generosity, faith, servanthood and kindness among other things. Whose values will you focus on? I know that you cannot hear the cheers of heaven when you choose good and godly behaviour—but they are occurring just the same!

I know that it's much easier to go with the world’s ideas about what is important. Friends, the media, and popular culture all advertise for those three qualities. But none of them have lasting, eternal value!  Find the lost kids—the ones who have no friends—and do them a kindness. That matters very much. Oh, you won’t win any medals or get a standing ovation at the assembly at school, but it counts in heaven.

I know you understand these things and just needed a little reminder. Run for the long race, sweetheart.

Love Grace

(Also see Hebrews 12: 1-2.)