Dear Grace...

Today in gym class we had to do push-ups. I hate push-ups…probably because I’m lousy at them. Some of the guys laughed at my feeble attempts. Pretty soon most of them were making fun of me. I feel like everything is wrong with me.


Dear Todd,

I’m sorry that the guys at gym class are so mean. But, please remember Jesus is delighted in how He made you! Exactly as He meant to!! You are exactly whom He pictured when He designed you. [Psalm 139:13-14] Not a hair is out of His plan!! And, as with so many artists, often people cannot appreciate His idea of great artistry. Often an artist works a lifetime on his art and people only begin to appreciate his work after he dies!! Not so with you! Your family and friends see the beauty of God’s design in you NOW. Hold firmly to that truth—you are made in the image of God and are exactly right as you are. Be patient with yourself—it takes time to understand the truth in that statement. It will not happen overnight. But God longs for you to know it’s true. He will keep telling you that.

Believing in you,