Dear Grace...

Yesterday I let a friend down. Do you think she will ever be able to forgive me?


Dear Kim,

I know you made a mistake—or rather a sin. It was wrong. But now that you have asked forgiveness from all those involved, you need to live in the light of Christ’s forgiveness of you!  Even if the others want to hold a grudge, that is their business. As far as Jesus is concerned, you have wiped the slate clean. Oh, there may still be consequences to your sins. “Fallout” I like to call it.  But Jesus does not want you to feel guilty any longer. Your slate is wiped clean. You are fully forgiven forever. It’s a done deal!

You can pray for those who won’t forgive you. They are letting anger make their hearts sick now. And that will not go well for them. Help them through your prayers to break free and forgive you.

Until then, live as God’s beloved child. Free. Loved. Forgiven.

I’m praying for you,