Dear Grace...

What I learned from you at the youth gathering was so amazing. I can’t believe how it seems to fit what’s happening in my life. Thanks!


I’m so excited to hear you are growing in Christ. His Word is amazing, isn’t it? I am blown away by the living, growing, breathing Word of God!!  Not just dead words on a page; some words about people and places I know nothing about, but real, dynamic, full of life, truth and real help for today! 

I understand the Bible has help for every situation! Can you imagine? Dig deep!! Get familiar with lots of the books of the Bible. Read something every day. The more you read His Word, the more familiar God becomes to you. And in times of struggle, His Word comes alive in your memory and God’s Spirit can help you to remember sections applying to your situation. It’s amazing!!! 

Have you read the Beatitudes? I love the part, “Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled.” Do you know what that means? When you run after God and get a real appetite for Him, then that appetite will be satisfied by knowing God better! So enjoy a full diet of God—run hard after Him—He will not run away from you or leave you confused and lost. He’s the best meal you’ll ever eat or drink!!

Hang in there,