Dear Grace...

What a wonderful time we had at youth gathering last night. It just felt so comfortable to lead the group in singing. Is this what living as a Christian is all about?


Dear Zoe,

Thank you for your bright smile and warm heart for others! It makes me feel such joy and pride to watch you with others. Keep your ear close to God’s heart the way you have—spending time with Him each day and learning what He’s like so you can imitate His nature in all your interactions!

I marvel at the gifts God has given you—gifts which are supernatural—not in any way the things you were born able to do—but rather things God has equipped you to do—gifts to use to bring joy, hope and encouragement to others—just by being yourself—as Christ has redeemed you!

I marvel at those gifts and how God provides opportunities for you to use them—at different times and in different situations. Keep those gifts dusted off and ready for use! And the joy! Oh the joy in serving God and in seeing others blessed by those gifts!!

Wow! ...and the best is yet to come.

Stay true to Christ. He loves you so much, you know.

In Him,