Dear Grace...

My friend is 16 and pregnant. Her parents want her to have an abortion. She doesn’t know what to do. How can I help her?


Dear Mary,

God is asking you to be His hands and feet. Your support, encouragement and love is the best thing you can give your friend right now. She is confused and afraid. She needs hope. Share God's great love for her. Share His forgiveness. Find resources and numbers she can call for help in making the right choice.

Most importantly, pray for her and, if she is willing, pray with her. Be there for her, no matter what her choice will be. She needs a friend. She will see God's love through you.


P.S. Mary, you might want to have your friend talk to your pastor or youth worker with you.  All kinds of people will be telling her to have an abortion - but God also dearly loves the baby within her.  Make sure she has access to some Christian help - if you need help recommending resources to her you can go to Focus on the Family Canada.