Dear Grace...

For the past year I’ve had anorexia. I have not told anyone. I am afraid to stop. God must hate me for what I am doing to my body.


Dear Brianna,

God loves you with a great and unconditional love. He also hurts for you. He cries with you and for you. He is reaching out His hand to you. He is offering you hope and a new way.

You have made a brave step. Today you have told me. I now encourage you to tell someone else. There are professionals who are willing to walk with you through this. As you open up your secret to trusted friends and family, the power this addiction has over you will become less. And as you learn new ways of coping with stress and your challenges, you will no longer be afraid. 

Time will heal and make you stronger. God’s forgiveness will make you clean. And He will change your life. Trust Him.


P.S. Brianna, you might want to check out the resources at for further help.