Dear Grace...

My sister and I were brought up going to church. My sister left home for college last year. She now says she is a follower of wicca. How can I convince her that she is lost?


Dear John,

What would you do if your prized possession went missing in your room? Most likely you would clean out everything, every corner, every hidden place looking for it. You would search until you found it.

You have a heart for the lost. Jesus does, too. He said, “The Son of Man came to find lost people and save them” (Luke 19:10).

It is not your job to change your sister, it is God’s job. Convincing arguments usually don’t change people. But love can. Love accepts someone for who he or she is, where he or she is. Love walks with a person through their doubts and bad choices. Love prays. Love speaks wisdom at the right times. Love lives by example.

Your concern for your sister shows you love her; continue to do that. Stick with her for the distance. Never give up. 

And most importantly, stay close to God, the source of love. Strengthen your faith. Allow God to work through you. Look for opportunities He will give you to share His love for your sister. Then trust in God to bring her safely back into His arms.   

John as you continue to pray for God to bring your sister back into His arms I want to encourage you to read Luke 15—it has three wonderful stories of things that were lost—and they are all stories of how God loves and saves the lost. And of how heaven rejoices over those who are lost who are returned home.