Dear Grace...

Is masturbation okay?


Dear Brian,

Your Heavenly Father loves you so very much. He is moulding you into a man.

Let’s say, your dad has promised you the gift of a car. You’ve seen it, sat in it and know everything about it. Wow, it is great! However, your dad doesn’t say exactly when it will be yours to drive. The waiting is hard. 

Your sexuality is a gift God has given you. Sometimes the urges are so great it is difficult to resist. Paul wrote in Galatians 5, that when we choose to be like Christ, our lives will produce fruit of the Spirit. He lists many characteristics and one is self-control.

Self-control is hard. It is saying no when everything is screaming yes. It is refocusing your thoughts and energy. It is avoiding things that trigger those feelings. It is having a plan, when temptation is strongest. It is trusting God to help you through.

And when you do, God smiles, knowing you are growing to look more like Him.