Dear Grace...

My dad keeps yelling at me about my grades. He says I should be like my sister getting A’s. He says I don’t study enough. I try but he says I don’t.



Dear Kendal,

God loves you so very much; He delights in you and truly wants you to have a full and rewarding life. You and your sister are both unique and have talents and gifts that are special to each of you. 

You can affect your dad's actions by how you react to his yelling. Be sure you are communicating love and respect to him—love him, honour him, and listen to him. Pray for him. Win his heart with your affection and your gratitude for all he does for you. Then speak the truth in love. Use “I" statements  which do not put blame, but which communicate consideration and respect. Speak with other family members—your mom, other siblings or even your sister—who will support you and stand up with you as you ask your dad to reconsider his negative remarks. Share with your dad the areas in life you enjoy and where you have natural talents. It may be something totally different from academics, like music, sports or the arts.  

Daily go to God for strength and wisdom. Then become a peacemaker. “Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification” (Romans 14:19).