Dear Grace...

I need help. I'm addicted to pornography on the computer. My parents have found it and are really sad; my girlfriend told me that if I don't stop she'll dump me. But all my friends do it.


Dear Tim,

I am glad you realize you need help. God so longs for you to be the man He has designed. Jesus loves you and He has paid for your sins. He wants you to live a life of freedom and forgiveness.    

Pornography is an addiction. It destroys relationships. It teaches unhealthy views of women and men. It produces habits that will take work to relearn. 

But there is help, hope, and forgiveness. Professionals can help you learn skills and new ways to cope with the pressure you face. The people who love you will support and encourage you toward wellness. And Jesus offers you forgiveness.

There is a free and beautiful life waiting for you. Start today. Start with Jesus. Confess your wrongs and know His love. Seek the forgiveness from your parents and girlfriend.

Then choose to do the hard work with counselors to develop healthy controls.

Live redeemed. You are God's child. Walk with Him.


P.S. Tim, check out XXXChurch for more resources that might help you.