Dear Grace...

I need to move away to go to school next year. I keep pretending that it’s all really exciting, but I'm really scared. What if I don't make new friends? What if my professors think I'm stupid. What if I don't fit in?


Dear Nick,

Changes can be frightening because there are so many unknowns. Don’t allow the “what-ifs” to bury you or eat away at your self-confidence. 

Remember some of your other ‘firsts’ in life: a new school, a new neighbourhood, a new group, new classmates. Each of them presented unknowns, creating feelings of being alone, vulnerable, confused or even lost. You got through them. As you adapted and got to know your surroundings or the people, you became comfortable.

Moving away from family and friends who love, support and encourage you, will be difficult, but they are only a text, e-mail or phone call away. Keep them close. Trust that this adventure will bring you new friends and opportunities. 

But most importantly invite God. He will walk down the school corridors with you, sit beside you and hug you as you fall asleep in your new bed. Together you will be able to face and enjoy this next chapter of your life.


P.S. Nick - you may want to check out the story of Abram in Genesis 12. God asks him to leave all that is familiar and go to a new land. It’s scary but God keeps His promise to Abram that as he puts God first God will be faithful to him. Remember, Nick, that God promises you, too, that as you keep your eyes focused on Him He will guide your steps and give you a hope and future (Jeremiah 29:1) that are beyond your wildest dreams! NOT without challenges, but always with His love and mercy!