Ascent Psalms: Psalm 123

Read Ascent Psalm 123 (preferably THE MESSAGE translation if possible).

“We’re watching and waiting, holding our breath, awaiting Your word of mercy. Mercy, God, mercy! We’ve been kicked around long enough…” (Psalm 123:2-3).

Today was one of those days when things went wrong. The good I tried to do backfired. Some folks I trusted did an “end run” and blocked the efforts I thought were in God’s will. This kind of thing happens to us as Christians. It does not mean that I’m all right, and others are all wrong. It does mean that life is often flooded with set-backs, disappointments, wrong turns, and even betrayals.

Our parents mean well. In their wisdom, sometimes, they may block our plans. Our relationship with them becomes strained. Our closest friends may be on our side, tight and true, and in the blink of an eye something happens to test this friendship to its very core. Why? Why doesn’t God just stop these painful times and clear a path like He did for Moses in the Red Sea? Why? Why? Why?

If I’m honest with my soul tonight, I’ll admit that God’s love for me is stronger through my times of hurt. Seeking my best, God wants to show me how much I am loved in spite of my childish responses of whining and complaining about “life isn’t fair.”

One more observation: I thought I was writing these devotional thoughts for my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am, but I’m discovering God is using these precious Psalm-prayers to comfort me in my struggle within wounded relationships. Yes, we’re in the same rocking boat in our storms of life, and Jesus still sleeps peacefully in the stern!!! He also rises to still the storm!

Dear Jesus, I know you care for each one of us. I know You can calm our storms. I believe You call us to faith and trust in hard times, but for this moment, help my unbelief, Jesus, please!