Ascent Psalms: Psalm 124

Read Ascent Psalm 124 (preferably the MESSAGE translation if possible).

“Oh, blessed be God! He didn’t go off and leave us. He didn’t abandon us defenseless, helpless as a rabbit in a pack of snarling dogs” (Psalm 124:6).

Sometimes we get ourselves in the worst predicaments! For the moment we feel totally helpless and “over our head” in trouble. How many times have we exclaimed “O God!” and it wasn’t exactly a prayer of great faith, but simply exasperation. Still, God does not weigh our prayers as to their perfect intonation, correct wording, or the right spiritual attitude. God is much more faithful than all of that! God knows our need before we ask, and answers often before we pray.

“If God hadn’t been for us…” is a declaration of how good and gracious God is when we are on dangerous ground. The psalmist suggests that sometimes our footing is dangerously close to raging waters where we can be swept away as unprotected victims. Our family trailer down at the lake was parked beside a creek that recently was raging with high springtime waters. It was higher than usual, and so, lest the waters overflow in the middle of the night, for safety’s sake, I knew the trailer must be moved to higher ground. But, there’s more to this story…

Right at the time of “high water,” our 17-year-old granddaughter, Evyn, was in a school bus accident in the Okanagan. She was the only one of 14 students, to be critically hurt with a serious head injury. She was in a coma in Kelowna’s ICU for three days and nights. During that time, when our family’s needs were high priority, two friends came and said to me, “Harry, you go and tend to your granddaughter’s needs. We’ll move your trailer before the water gets too high!”

Now two months later, I identify with the psalmist’s prayer: “If God hadn’t been for us…He didn’t go off and leave us.” Thankfully, our granddaughter is recovering with considerable therapy and rehab. And, less important but still significant, our trailer is once again moved back beside the creek’s quiet waters. Two friends were our true friends!

Loving Lord Jesus, God Almighty, You show Your goodness in the midst of our human dilemmas. You are so merciful and gracious. We love You!