Ascent Psalms: Psalm 133

Read Ascent Psalm 133 (preferably in the MESSAGE translation if possible).

“How wonderful, how beautiful, when brothers and sisters get along” (Psalm 133:1)!

The NIV version of the Bible says, with familiarity, “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity.”

I wish I were wearing a beard at this moment to seemingly better understand the meaning of this Psalm. Aaron was another one of those biblical characters who didn’t do everything right. He let down his brother, Moses, let alone his God, in allowing the worship of a golden calf. Aaron was chosen by God to serve and support the children of Israel. The oil of anointing was evidence of God’s choice. It was not just “a little dab will do you” dribble. The bottle of anointing oil was poured out over his head and it ran down his beard to signify God’s clear, unequivocal choice. He was immersed in God’s will for his life, in spite of his failings.

Another metaphor helps us to understand the power of God’s choosing to bring unity to us, His beloved children. The headwaters of the Jordan River began in the springs and run-off of Mt. Hermon. The waters tumbled down the mountainside. They joined countless waterfalls and streams widening into the Jordan. In these waters Jesus himself was baptized to fulfill God’s purposes. Unity always and only comes from the source of God’s springs of life and love. We human beings do not manufacture unity. We can only participate in it with joy! God wants to share the gift of unity in our families, our churches, and our neighbourhoods.

God’s designs for our lives are truly guided by His love. His love for us is not conditional on our “doing the right things.” No, we can only receive and cherish it. O Spirit of God, give me a faith like this! When we need unity within family, friendships, or church relationships, it is Jesus’ desire, too. In John 17 we find Jesus’ profound prayer for unity amongst His disciples. He brought them oneness.

Dear Jesus, I need Your gift of unity so badly. I feel fractured, fragmented and wounded in some of my relationships. I feel my own faults. No one can bring salve to heal the wounds but You, my Lord. Please touch me with healing, Jesus!