Ascent Psalms: Psalm 134

Read Ascent Psalm 134 (preferably from the MESSAGE translation)

“Come, bless God, all you servants of God…” (Psalm 134:1).

I value the privilege given me to visit Wagner Hills Farm in Langley, B.C., as a member of their board of directors. I love to participate in their prayer-times. Men of all ages come there to experience the love and forgiveness of Jesus in their broken lives. They have experienced addictions which have cost them their families, jobs, businesses, their peace of heart and mind. At Wagner Hills they are experiencing both the love of Jesus and also His power to heal their deep hurts. These changed lives inspire me!

When I join those gentlemen for prayer time at 6:30 a.m. I am struck by their worship routine of first giving praise and glory to God in Christ. This is not just a flippant inclusion to say something nice about God. They intentionally tend to their first priority of giving God due reverence. In other words, they “bless God!” One would think that God does not need our blessing. He doesn’t! God knows we need to do it for our own soul’s well-being. We need to acknowledge God’s goodness expressed in as many creative ways as possible.

Psalm 103 is another song of David that floods me with the awareness that, for the health of one’s soul, God must be recognized on His throne. I can only bow before Him. I confess I have so often in my prayer life immediately expressed only my needs, my wants, my hopes for blessings, my, my, my….  It appears I must learn anew daily the call of God to give praise where praise is due, first and foremost. Amazingly, God graciously receives my every request; thankfully, even when I don’t get this straight.

One more thing: we are addressed as “all you servants of God.” Each baptized, believing child of God, young or older, is a servant for God. Pastors or parents are not more important. Children and youth are called servants, too. Our humblest praises and blessings from all of us tickle and touch God’s heart for joy!

Dear Jesus, as You received little children, or those fishes and loaves from Andrew’s teenage friend, Your heart immediately was filled with blessings and thanksgivings. Help me to be more like You in blessing God and my neighbours.