Big Bucks

I participated in a neat devotion a while back that I’d like to share with you. 

At one time the Snowbirds participated in a fundraising auction. One of the items auctioned off was a half-hour walk with one of the pilots of a Snowbird. The item auctioned for a sum of $1000. 

After wondering who on earth would spend money like that we, who participated in the devotion, considered if (big IF) we had $1000, which person we would choose to spend half an hour with. The devotion was conducted in a room full of church workers so we were all smiling merrily until the devotion leader mentioned that Jesus was not a choice (just yet). 

Who would you choose to spend half an hour with if you could choose anybody (living or dead)? Why? (And it can’t be Jesus either!)

Our choices included Adolph Hitler (to ask why); a parent (deceased); one of the shepherds who heard the announcement of Jesus' birth; C. S. Lewis; Peter...

Then we considered what it would be like to spend half an hour with Jesus. What would we want to talk about? What questions would we want to ask?  How about you?

The thought of spending a half-hour taking a walk alone with Jesus leaves me almost speechless with wonder. But then I ask myself—if the thought of taking a real live walk with Jesus is something I would rearrange anything in my schedule for, why is it I don’t take the time to spend that half-hour with Him today—in devotion? 

And so that’s what I invite you to do. Let’s spend some time worshipping our Redeemer together! We will learn and grow and celebrate His great love for us!!!

Think about 1 Peter 2:2-3 and Jeremiah 15:16.