What Happens...

What happens…

            when you DON’T pray?

Honestly now, think about it—what happens when you don’t pray?

If you’re anything like me, then you’re tempted to answer, “Nothing much. When I don’t pray I don’t really notice any change. Everything looks pretty normal to me.”

AND THAT’S JUST THE WAY SATAN WANTS IT! If I didn’t notice anything different yesterday, then I’m tempted not to pray today either.

So consider this statement…

Prayerlessness, for the believer, is sin.

Whoa! Wait a minute! That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it? I know God would prefer it if I did pray, but calling it a sin if I don’t!!??

Instead of considering that, consider the possible results of prayerlessness listed below.


____  You have more “world” in your thoughts.

____  You “feel” farther away from God.

____  You have less “God-talk” in your conversations with others.

____  Slowly an unwillingness or rebelliousness creeps into your personality.

____  Sin doesn’t sting you as much, because you don’t confess it as honestly.

____  You deal with sin as the world does, by hiding it.

____  You begin not trusting God.

Put a star beside the ones that are true of you when you don’t pray. Now do you understand why prayerlessness can be a sin?

These are the ways Satan uses our emotions and thoughts to destroy our peace and take away our focus on God and His saving love.

Pray for God’s help.

Check out 1 Samuel 12:23.