Father of All


About This Song

Father Of All was written, in part, in honour of my eldest daughter Rebecca. She and her twin sister were born nine weeks before the due date—miraculously both survived the ordeal. At age seven months my wife and I noticed Rebecca’s progress beginning to lag behind her six-minute-younger sister, and within a year we were told she had cerebral palsy and would never walk. 

I can’t begin to explain to you the myriad of thoughts and emotions one goes through when news like this is presented to a loving parent. As she grew, Rebecca continued to struggle with her condition, and so did we as her parents. She worked hard through the emotional ups and downs of getting the physical strength and coordination to do something that is so incredibly natural for most of us—indeed even for those who are less than a year old—all the while seeing her sister continue to develop "normally." 

During the process of endless medical interventions and therapies, I worked with her tirelessly to help her start down the road of putting one foot in front of the other, aided by physical support. At the age of three, she could take a number of steps, but never without the knowledge and assurance that I was behind her to catch her should she lose her balance. In fact, she would often allow herself to fall back to ensure that I was still there for her! 

As her father, I made myself available as much as physically possible to work with her in this way, so that she would continue to get stronger and learn how to walk—maybe, just maybe—on her own. It was incredibly exhausting to be as attentive as I needed to be to ensure her safety. As a fallible father, I couldn’t always be there to help her, or to catch her every single time she fell. 

I also had to give her the freedom to explore her own limits—to allow her to stretch her abilities. This whole incredible situation brought to mind how our heavenly Father is tirelessly and incredibly focused on every tiny step we take and that He is incredibly close, always catching our falls.

I also wanted Father Of All to somehow encompass all daughters, sisters, mothers, and women on a broader scope. In concert we introduce the song by including a thought that my band mate Joel learned at a conference: women need to know that they are: 1. Loved, 2. Beautiful, and 3. Capable.

It is easy for us, in our western culture to look down upon, or feel sorry for others. For example, one might say of a "street-woman (beggar)": she’s made some bad choices or something should be done or if she worked a bit harder…. The reality is that any one of us could easily be in that very situation. The truth is that that woman was once someone’s precious baby daughter, and is the Father’s unique treasure of unparalleled worth. Father Of All is also a song to these, and all women, letting them know their immeasurable value to the Father.

- Dave Lieffertz

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