Halfway to Somewhere


About This Song

Bible Reference:  Hebrews 11

This song took a long time to write. The idea for the chorus came to me quite a while ago. I often feel like I’m only halfway (or less) to some places I want to be in my life. The words “Halfway to somewhere, in the middle of nowhere” apply to my feeling of where I’m at more often than I’d normally like to admit. The chorus goes on to cry out to God, “God, You said You’d be here with me. Are you? Can you help me get where I’m going? Will you?” The chorus sat waiting for verses for a long time. Nothing seemed to be working.

Then one day, I was inspired. I was thinking about the story of God’s people following Moses through the Red Sea into the wilderness. They were on a journey to the Promised Land. As they travelled through the desert, they had to rethink their lives. They had been born in slavery. Now they needed to live as free people. They were travelling down roads they’d never travelled before. It was probably equally exciting and scary at the same time. They even struggled, at times, with feelings of homesickness for Egypt, for the chains of slavery, for the lack of freedom they used to know. At times, they were stuck in that “middle” place, between the old world of Egypt and slavery and the new world of the Promised Land and the freedom of God. Halfway to somewhere.

it’s easy for me to make connections between my story and the story of God’s people in the wilderness. I, too, was born a slave of sin. God has set me free but I find myself looking back at that slavery with longing at times. The freedom I have in Christ is equally exciting and scary. I’m travelling down roads I’ve never travelled before and I’m not sure where this road is going to take me. It’s not hard to feel like I’m in the “middle” place. Some days that feels okay and other days it doesn’t.

The writer to the Hebrews includes a long list of saints of God who also lived this “halfway to somewhere” reality. God had called them to be His people and given them great and wonderful promises. Each of them, in their own way and in their own time, came to understand they were members of a new family and citizens of a new city. God was bringing them home to be with Him but they were not home yet. They had to live the challenges, both good and bad, of being people on a journey. They lived with the promises, holding on to God and the faith He gives. In reality, it’s where we all live. We’re “halfway to somewhere,” knowing that God is with us and that someday He’ll bring us home. This is a song for the journey.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, You’ve given us life and called us to be Your people. Be with us as we travel through life. Bring us safely home to be with You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.