1 Peter 1:18-2:10

Based on: 
1 Peter 1:18-2:10

Read 1 Peter 1:18-2:10.

Reflect on the following questions.

(vs. 1:18 -22)

  • What are you redeemed from?
  • How are you redeemed?

(vs. 1:22-2:3)

  • How did we become children of the same family?
  • How is the Word described? What is its importance to the family?
  • How should brothers (sisters) treat each other?
  • Can we disagree with each other and still have sincere love for each other?
  • Describe how children of God are like new born babies. 

(vs. 2:4-8)

  • In the building analogy what is the difference between Jesus and us?
  • How was Jesus treated? What was the result? What does that say to us, if we are part of the same building?
  • Why is it valuable to have different kinds of stone when you’re building? How does that work in our church? Amongst the women?

(vs. 2:9)

  • What are the privileges of priests?
  • What are the responsibilities of priests?
  • How do other people view priests? 
  • How should priests live in relation to other priests?
  • How should priests live in relations to other people?

(vs. 2:9 -10)

  • How are citizens described?
  • How does ownership of something increase its value? How does this work with Christians who are "owned" by God?
  • Where should Christians find their source of self-worth? Where do you usually try to find it?
  • What nation are we part of?
  • What responsibilities do we have toward each other as fellow citizens of God’s nation?  What happens when citizens fight with each other?
  • What is our responsibility to other people?
  • What are Peter’s reasons for maintaining harmony and unity?

I love verse 9-10; through Christ’s saving love we become part of the royal family—we are bought with a price; we are chosen to be His children; we come from dark into light! He makes us holy (sets us apart) to do His work. We receive mercy!!

Pray about these things.