Your Story

Based on: 
2 Thessalonians 1:3-4

(This is a condensed version of a study written by Lynn Gergens and Kaitlyn Roller as part of a series for the Alberta–British Colombia District Youth Gathering. They each talk about how God sometimes speaks loudly—by His words or actions.)

What is one of your favourite family stories—you know—the ones you remember at family gatherings—the story your parents tell about themselves, or you that people love to hear? 

Part of your story is your story of faith but, before you can tell it (and make it one of your favourite stories) you need to map it out.

Read first how Paul’s story developed (in the New Testament) and then spend some time thinking about your story!

Read Acts 26:1-23. Then answer the questions:

Paul's attitudes and actions before his conversion experience:
            verse 5
            verse 10
            verse 10
            verse 11

Changes in Paul’s attitudes and actions after his conversion: 
            verse 19
            verse 20
            verse 21
            verses  22-23

Now take some time to think and pray about what you want people to know about what it is you believe, and how you see God being active in your life. Baptism is when we come to faith, but for most of us we don’t make a public confession of that faith until we are confirmed.

  • What is it that you believe about Jesus Christ and yourself?
  • What does it mean to you to have faith in Jesus Christ? To have a personal relationship with Him?
  • How does God’s work in you make you different? How has God changed you?
  • Through the work of the Holy Spirit how has God been changing your attitudes and actions?      
  • What attitudes and actions is God still working on in you?
  • Sum it up and answer:  What does Jesus mean to me?

One of the neatest things that we get to see in our stories is how they change over the years. My story now is a much different story than the story I would have told at 18. It reflects so many ways in which God has stepped into my life to make my story something far richer than I could have ever imagined.  But regardless of that—my story still reflects sin and ugliness. Thank God, It’s a story in progress that God will complete when (through our belief in Jesus—and His death and resurrection) we go to be with Him in heaven.